[ANN] mlabwrap-1.0final

Stef Mientki S.Mientki-nospam at mailbox.kun.nl
Thu Apr 12 21:56:56 CEST 2007

Alexander Schmolck wrote:
> I'm pleased to finally announce mlabwrap-1.0:
> Project website
> ---------------
> <http://mlabwrap.sourceforge.net/>
> Description
> -----------
> Mlabwrap-1.0 is a high-level python to matlab(tm) bridge that makes calling
> matlab functions from python almost as convenient as using a normal python
> library. It is available under a very liberal license (BSD/MIT) and should
> work on all major platforms and (non-ancient) python and matlab versions and
> either numpy or Numeric (Numeric support will be dropped in the future).

Probably quit a large and nice job, to embed MatLab in Python.
But, I've the idea I'm missing something ...
... coming from MatLab, a few months ago I tried Python,
... and at the moment I've decided to move completely from MatLab to Python.
All new programs will be written in Python and the old programs will be translated.

Is my decision wrong ?

What can do MatLab, that can't be done in Python (SciPy) ?
(Ok I accept there's no SimuLink/PowerSim).

Both environments can create any program you like.
If MatLab is your standard / favorite why not stick to MatLab ?

Please enlighten me.

Stef Mientki

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