Python keywords

Larry Bates larry.bates at
Thu Apr 26 17:16:45 CEST 2007

gtb wrote:
> Have done some searching but have not found a place where I can look
> up python keywords. I was looking at a script that contained the
> following line:
> assert self.getResponseCode() in (200, 304, 302)
> I can infer the usage here but previously I had thought that "in" was
> only used with '"for". I looked thru 'the Python Reference Manual and
> found "in" is a keyword but in skimming thru I found it only with
> "for". The reference manual seems good but seems not to be setup for
> searching. Or maybe I just missed something.
> Thanks,
> gtb

in keyword is a general one and can be used for many objects.

x in 'xyz'

y in ['a','b','c','y','z'']

z in ('a','b','c','y','z']

key in {'key1':1, 'key2': 2}

The in you see with a for isn't associated with the for loop
but rather the sequence you are iterating over

for i in range(10):


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