pyparsing Catch-22

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Apr 15 23:16:57 EDT 2007

7stud <bbxx789_05ss at> wrote:

> 1) Even though the download at sourceforge said the file name was:
> pyparsing-1.4.6.tar.gz
> it was downloaded to my Desktop as:
> pyparsing-1.4.6.tar
> Did os x 10.4.7 automatically unzip it for me?  .gz means the file was
> compressed with gzip, but I didn't have to do any unzipping.

You probably have Safari, the browser, set up to do that upon download
(but not set up to also untar the tarfile) -- I believe that those are
its default settings.  Still, Safari's just an application, even though
Apple reasonably chooses to bundle it into the OS; you might use
Firefox, Opera, Camino, or any other browser, and the issue of what that
given browser does upon download (and how to change those settings) will
be different each time.  It's not really a question at OS level, rather
it depends on each specific browser.


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