Python Feature Request: Allow changing base of member indices to 1

Sherm Pendley spamtrap at
Sat Apr 14 21:55:24 CEST 2007

"Paddy" <paddy3118 at> writes:

> Having more than one index start point would be a maintenance
> nightmare best avoided.

Quite right.

> (It can be done in Perl).

When was the last time you used Perl? It was allowed in Perl 4 and earlier,
because many Perl users were moving from Awk, which uses an array base of 1.
Even then, having multiple index start points within a single program wasn't
the idea; the idea was to allow programs originally written in Awk to be
ported to Perl with minimal updating.

It was deprecated as of 5.0 though - which was released in '94. It still
works, for the sake of backwards compatibility, but its use in new code is
highly discouraged.


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