*** It is IMPOSSIBLE to create a RABBIT FARM using the hat a MAGICIAN pulls a rabbit out of ***

stj911 at rock.com stj911 at rock.com
Wed Apr 4 21:07:30 CEST 2007

Please visit www.nkusa.org, www.911blogger.com, www.stj911.org:

I am surprised at the number of un-informed, ill-informed sheeple on
earth as well as politically correct hypocrites.

Several polls have consistently shown that about 84% of the American
people believe that 911 was an inside job. The fact is the 911 was a
RACIST AND HEINOUS CRIME by a group of criminal and racist Americans
themselves. There is no video that Federal Bureau of Incompetence
could produce of plane hitting the Pentagon. On the contrary, they
acted as Foolish PATSIES for the criminal operators of 911 by
confiscating and destroying all other camera footage from buildings
around Pentagon. Next, WTC7 just committed suicide. Thermate residue
has been found as finger print left by the criminals. Please visit
911blogger.com, st911.org and many other sites.

911 official story is a forgery like the protocols of the learned
elders of zion. It is as fake as a magician pulling a rabbit out of
his hat, and does that mean you can have a rabbit farm from that hat?
I cant believe how many idiots that we have.

And the most interesting thing is that most lead researchers of the
movement are either Christian or Jewish. The MIT engineer, Jeff King
does not sound like an Arab name.

Now what is the connection with Europe? Note the very first post in
this discussion starts with Islamophobia. Its probably a patsy of the
criminal cabal that pulled off 911. We have a strong feeling that
almost ALL THE INTELLIGENCE CHIEFS of EUROPE knew instantly that 911
was a fraud. President Putin himself had carried out such a false flag
operation based on blowing Moscow apartment buildings to enter the
second Chechen war.

Jon Carlson has written an excellent investigative piece entitled
"Russia Watched 9/11 In Real Time On Satellite" which you can find via
google using these clues.

Racists of Europe, such as in France, Holland were immediately ready
to take full advantage of 911 hoax. India, immediately understood that
911 was a hoax and staged its own fake terrorist attacks to harass
Pakistan. Bush used it to harass Pakistan into submitting the father
of their nuclear bomb, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan to CIA interrogation.
There was another goal of 911. Scare Muslim leader into becoming
patsies to destroy their society from within. Once it is internally
weak, then a stone can be shattered by one blow. Iraq was thus first
weakened by sanctions, and then attack to shatter it.

By God, they will not succeed. Elohim has power over all things. The
universe has hidden dimension and God watches everything from there.
That is what is happening. They can conspire but they will be
defeated. All those who have died in Iraq from crimes are going to go
to heaven. All the Americans who have committed atrocities will go to
hell. All Americans or Iraqis who will do good deeds will be judged
accordingly. God has absolutely no partiality towards any religion or

You are seeing events move extremely fast.

Iran has brought UK to a stalemate. Hezbollah has essentially defeated
Israel, in the sense that the latter has failed to obtain its
objectives of the war. The racist and heinous crime of the 911
operators has been exposed. This is the lynchpin from which will
follow a large change in the world, but not in the way the 911
operators of controlled demolition intended, but totally opposite. The
wife cheaters, the newt gingrichs, the pedophiles reagans herbert
bush, as in the video "conspiracy of silence" where FBI criminals
tried to criminally coverup is now exposed. This is never going to go
away. The video evidence is far and wide dispersed on earth and

The true believers from all faiths have joined hands and will not be
divided by pedophile, sex crazed, wife cheaters and genocidal
murderers and their deception and lies based on psychological tactics
of Edward Bernays.

I ask you all for a moment of silence in the honor of 911 truth
movement people, Alex Jones, Dr Steven Jones, Dr Fetzer, Dr Jeff King
and many others I am failing to mention but God knows them and their
reward is with Him.

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