My Python annoyances

Isaac Rodriguez isaac.rodriguez at
Mon Apr 30 12:25:25 CEST 2007

> Hmm, on my PyCon mug there are words "Python: so easy...even your BOSS
> can use it!"

Oh man! I would've killed for a mug like that a year ago. I was
working for this guy, who had the entire build process automated
in .BAT scripts. We spent more time fixing the build process than
devoloping our product.

Anyway, I started to move the entire thing to Python. Using a real
programming language, allows creating a more robust process. It also
allows separating data and code, which comes very handy when the data
changes to not have to touch the code.

So a year ago, I moved to another department. I would not get into the
details of why, but I am just going to say that I'm much happier now.
One day, I walking down the hall, and I see a book in my old boss'
desk: "Learning Perl." I thought to my self, "You gotta be kiddin". So
I saw him in the coffee area, and I asked him about it. His answer
was, "Yeah, I'm re-writing the build scripts in Perl because you are
the only one that knew Python, and we need to maintain them."

Well, there is no-one in that team that knows Perl either, and if they
haven't been able to learn Python in the couple of years I tried to
push it, I really doubt they are going to learn Perl. Or maybe, the
problem was that I was trying to push Python, so they are doing this
just to prove me wrong.

Like I said, I'm much happier now, and so much glad to be out of that


- Isaac.

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