Do other Python GUI toolkits require this?

Christophe chris.cavalaria at
Fri Apr 20 12:08:17 CEST 2007

Nigel Rowe a écrit :
> On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 19:11, Antoon Pardon wrote in comp.lang.python:
>> On 2007-04-19, Michael Bentley <michael at> wrote:
> <snip type="various irrelevances to my comment below" />
>>> The learning curve is rather steep IMO, but worth it.
>> Just a throw in remark, that  you may ignore if you wish, but a steep
>> learning curve means that the subject is easily familiarized and that
>> the learning period is short.
>> You seem to use it as if it is the opposite.
> Who says the axes are labeled "familiarity" and "learning period"?   I
> just assume they are labeled (y-axis) "Effort" and (x-axis) "Knowledge"
> (or "skill" or ....).  
> Which means that something with a 'steep learning curve' requires a lot
> of effort to achieve a small amount of knowledge (or skill or ...).

Funny, I would have placed on the x axis the time, and on the y axis 
"Knowledge". And Effort = lambda*time where lambda is the amount of 
effort per minute you are able to produce. Thus I always found it weird 
to call a steep learning curve something hard to learn.

Disclaimer: I have never made any study in that field, never read any 
reports or anything like that. It just feels much more natural for me to 
place the time on the x axis.

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