Do other Python GUI toolkits require this?

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Apr 20 15:58:26 CEST 2007

On 20 Apr, 15:22, Antoon Pardon <apar... at> wrote:
> On 2007-04-20, Diez B. Roggisch <d... at> wrote:
> > Which is nonsense. The goal is to go from A - ignorance - to B -
> > knowledge - which both lie on the X-Axis.
> Well if you want to do it that way, nobody can stop you, but people
> in the habit of processing numbers usually put the time on the X-axis
> like in time spend learning or exercising and put the other value
> on the Y-axis.

But time wasn't mentioned. You could have knowledge or accomplishment
on the X axis and effort or work on the Y axis. Subjects with more
material to learn could be said to have a "long learning curve"; an
example of such usage can be found here:

But if the nature of the material is not particularly challenging, you
could say that a "shallow learning curve" is involved: you don't need
to think very hard about the material. Conversely, a "steep learning
curve" in the popular sense suggests more effort being expended for a
given measure of material.


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