Would You Write Python Articles or Screencasts for Money?

Anton Vredegoor anton.vredegoor at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 20:08:27 CEST 2007

Steve Holden wrote:

> I'm sorry, but while the PSF is a democratically-run organization its 
> franchise doesn't extend beyond the membership.

I didn't realize this was about an PSF internal affair. Of course a 
group of people can decide on its internal matters without asking anyone 
else, as long as its actions do not damage the larger community around 
it. I'm sorry to have interfered with your private discussions, they 
took place on an international newsgroup aimed at the global python 
community at large, you might consider taking it elsewhere, but since 
there is no moderation, go and spam this group with your posts as much 
as you like.

> You might as well suggest that America isn't being democratic because it 
> doesn't allow the French to vote for its president.

Neither France nor America strike me as being very democratic at the 
moment, because large parts of their communities have no way of voting 
on a person or party that represents their specific interests. It's the 
same way in the Netherlands where I live by he way, so no criticism is 
intended by me, in any way.

I was picturing this thread more in terms like the international court 
which at least constitutionally *tries* to be democratic in a global 
community alike manner, albeit unfortunately also failing miserably.

It seems current western democracies are preferable over the total chaos 
that we see in Iraq because its internal legal structure was removed 
without providing a functional alternative. History shows -to me- that 
even an evil dictator is better than that. That doesn't mean people 
shouldn't try to aim higher. Higher than accepting even a benevolent 

So in my case the question becomes if I would be willing to promote the 
interests of some group that doesn't represent me, for a chance that I 
may comply with their objectives, which I cannot influence. I'd say: No 
I don't want to do that, although I also wouldn't go out of my way in 
order to *not* comply.

Thanks for clearing it all up. Have a nice life.


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