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Wed Apr 4 07:24:48 CEST 2007

"Steven D'Aprano" <ste..e at> wrote:

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> This is not a call to turn a blind eye for plagiarism, or to do students
> homework for them. It's a plea for common-sense. We're not bound by
> university guidelines, or universities' over-broad definition of
> plagiarism, and we don't have to live by them. We are ethically bound not
> to do student's homework for them -- but that doesn't mean we're bound to
> refuse to answer their reasonable questions, or to treat those who are
> looking for help as frauds _just because they are a student_.

I agree - It is not fraud if the OP says he is a student, and asks for help
on something that puzzles him.

It would be fraud if he gets a "full answer" here, and represents it as
"his own work".

It would also be stupid, as its a sure fire way of failing your

Getting clarification on some point here is no different from looking it 
up in a library, except that its more risky - some wag may lie to the 
poor bugger...

- Hendrik

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