anyone has experience on cross-compile python 2.5.1?

Leo Jay python.leojay at
Mon Apr 30 11:25:47 CEST 2007

i have a development board based on s3c2410 arm cpu. and i want to
port python on it.
after googling some threads, i successfully cross compiled python.
but i still encountered a weird issue that when i ran
the process stuck at, i located the stuck point here:

   def test_numeric_terminator(self):
       # Try reading a fixed number of bytes
       s = echo_server()
       s.start()         # <----- stuck here  !!!
       time.sleep(1) # Give server time to initialize
       c = echo_client(6L)
       c.push("hello ")

but the weirdest thing is, if i run python directly,
everything is ok.
anybody could help me?

thanks in advance.

ps, my linux box is an ubuntu 6.10.

Best Regards,
Leo Jay

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