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Thu Apr 26 21:23:12 CEST 2007

On Apr 26, 9:48 am, Facundo Batista <facu... at> wrote:
> andrew.jeffer... at wrote:
> > I've attached the whole script. Thanks again for your help.
> > --Andrew
> Andrew, tip:
> If you attach the whole script, what you get is that a lot of people
> goes away from the thread. Me for example. I won't read 100 lines of
> code to see where is the problem, and then try to solve.
> The best way to handle this, and effectively getting more help from the
> community, is start to trim your code. So, you take those 20 lines away,
> and the problem persist. You cut off another 15, and the problem
> persist.
> After ten minutes of work, you get a 15 lines code, which still shows
> your problem. You send that to the community, and surely you'll get more
> help.
> As a fantastic side effect of that process, normally you actually *find*
> the problem by yourself, which is always better, :)
> Regards,
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Thanks for the input Facundo. I'm not a frequent poster so I'm not up
on the etiquette and do appreciate the feedback. I'll better control
code spews in future posts!

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