Python Feature Request: Allow changing base of member indices to 1

Paddy paddy3118 at
Sat Apr 14 23:00:44 CEST 2007

On Apr 14, 8:55 pm, Sherm Pendley <spamt... at> wrote:
> "Paddy" <paddy3... at> writes:
> > Having more than one index start point would be a maintenance
> > nightmare best avoided.
> Quite right.
> > (It can be done in Perl).
> When was the last time you used Perl? It was allowed in Perl 4 and earlier,
> because many Perl users were moving from Awk, which uses an array base of 1.
> Even then, having multiple index start points within a single program wasn't
> the idea; the idea was to allow programs originally written in Awk to be
> ported to Perl with minimal updating.
> It was deprecated as of 5.0 though - which was released in '94. It still
> works, for the sake of backwards compatibility, but its use in new code is
> highly discouraged.
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I use both Perl and Awk regularly. I did at one stage use the Awk-to-
translator as I learned Awk before Perl, but gave it up as the
Perl was hard to extend, and I learned more Perl.

So Perl had it, and now has it deprecated. Python does not have it,
the original poster wants it. I don't think we should add it to Python
because it would make porting VB code easier.

- Paddy.

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