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piyali biswas at
Mon Apr 16 10:39:25 CEST 2007

I am using networkx and pylab for creating a graph using a python script
I have saved the networkx folder in "C:/Python24/Lib/site-packages".
When I run the script from command prompt, it creates the graph and saves it
to the place I want to but when I write a python-cgi script and run it as
it doesn't gives me any result.

I have included the path of my system using
os.environ['PATH'] = ".........".

I also appended the path of networkx directory using
sys.path.append('C:/Python24/Lib/site-packages') as it seems to me that it
is a path related problem and the cgi result page shows error
(1) networkx *undefined*
(2)* *drawing undefined
(3) nx_pylab *undefined*
(4) matplotlib *undefined*
raise RuntimeError("'%s' is not a writable dir; you must set
environment variable HOME to be
* a writable dir "%h)*
Can you please tell me how to enable cgi to run this program on runtime. I
have kept both the cgi script as well as python script in Apache/cgi-bin

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