Getting started with python

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Mon Apr 16 03:05:41 CEST 2007

On Apr 15, 9:53 am, "Eric_Dex... at" <Eric_Dex... at> wrote:
> On Apr 14, 7:46 pm, "Eric" <erichapk... at> wrote:
> > Hello, after reading some of the book Programming Python it seems that
> > python is something I would like to delve deeper into. The only thing
> > is, I have no idea what I should try and write. So I was hoping that
> > someone here could help point me to a group/project that would be a
> > good starting place for a person with limited python knowledge, but
> > that is willing to learn whatever is necessary. I'm hoping that with a
> > goal I can start to learn python instead of just playing around with
> > it. Thanks.
> I have a little sub-project where I generate random numbers to a music
> file (a simpe ascii format that works in a grid) if you see some other
> part of it you would like to work on or expand.. haven't added the sub-
> project yet but I can upload it to some google space if you are
> intrested..  (uses wxwindows and python 2.5)

I just installed Python 2.5 a few days ago.  I like to play with
However,  I am a window user knowing Java and C#.  I do not have any
experience with unix system and c.  I appreciate if you would send me
some instructions and examples to get me started so that In the
future, I can use midi input and get ourput from csound with a final
objective to generate some music not representable by midi.


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