Helpbook and CHM

Ravi Teja webraviteja at
Thu Apr 19 14:43:11 CEST 2007

> > > > Teja wrote:
> > > > > how to generate CHM files in Boa(Python)???
> > > >
> > > > TJG
> > > Can't I do it in Boa constructor ??? I have seen an option in Boa to
> > > create a new helpbook and compile it to CHm and help files, But no
> > > clue how to do it.......
> > Not that I know of. Which version are you using? Where in the
> > application did you find it? Indicate the menu's you navigated to get
> > to that option.
> > MS HTML Help Workshop is the standard compiler for CHM files. There
> > are some other freeware/shareware. The workshop is simple enough
> > though.
> If u have Boa constructor 0.4.4, Go to File--->New--->helpbook
> Save it. After saving, click File menu option and you will find, "make
> HTB" and "make CHM"
> But I dont know how to add files and generate a complete CHM file.

Right-click the file list view and select "Add files". I didn't see
this Helpbook feature before. However, I could not get it to compile
after that. Unless, Boa Constructor is doing something while building
CHMs that integrates with the app development, I recommend that you
try a specialized tool for the job instead. Boa was an extremely
promising tool when I saw it about 6 yrs ago or so at 0.0.1 (it
already had a streamlined WYSIWYG GUI builder with a code aware editor
back then, something we still don't have elsewhere for Python). But
the development never seemed to gather steam since then. 0.4.4 is not
even listed as a release on the home page and it is almost 2 yrs old.

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