EuroPython vs PyconUK

EuGeNe Van den Bulke eugene.vandenbulke at
Thu Apr 26 18:34:08 CEST 2007

I do realize that the UK is not really part of Europe (no polemic :P) 
but I am nevertheless curious about the logic behind creating another 
major Python event in Europe. Wasn't EuroPython enough?

Like many I am sure, I probably won't be able to attend both (and I 
really enjoyed the Geneva experience so definitely want to renew "it"). 
How would you go about selecting which conference to attend?

They are only 2 months apart, 6 would have been easier for the 
attendees! Could the organizers liaise one way or another to make 
Pythoneers life as easy and fun as the language and give as much 
information out as possible as early as possible (early bird early) for 
people to make the best decision?

I know marketing matters but ...

EuGeNe --

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