what python technology for my app?

Chris cfriedl at bigpond.net.au
Fri Apr 27 12:18:50 CEST 2007

I have an database containing lots of numerical data. I want to write a 
browser based interface that will allow selection of various key 
parameters and yield tables, plots and/or printouts of the data 
according to the selections. Ultimately I want this to run on an 
intranet so that others can get access via their browsers.

The application is for in-house use only and not likely to have more 
than a few users at any one time. I've managed to hack out enough 
understanding of sql and sqlAlchemy over the last couple of days to 
create and access an sqlite3 based database for my data. This seems to 
suit my purposes for now. Now for a front end and some simple 
distribution over a network.

I have written some small Wxpython & matplotlib apps for data analysis 
and display but I'm not sure how these would work in a browser based 
world, or even if they are appropriate.

Any advice on what technologies I should be looking at for this? Python 
based naturally, and hopefully simple and lightweight. I'm not a 
programmer by trade and that's not what I really get paid for but I've 
learned to love python and its myriad of modules for all the data 
analysis work I need to do. If I can throw something moderately 
functional together in a week or two (along with all the learning that 
entails) I'll be happy.

btw - Platform needs to be windows because that's what on my desk.


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