Video: Professor of Physics Phd at Cal Tech says: 911 Inside Job

Dave L. Renfro renfr1dl at
Thu Apr 26 16:03:19 CEST 2007

stj... at wrote:

>> Cal Tech is the ELITE of ELITE in physics.
>> If Feynman were alive, he would point his finger straight at
>> the 911 criminal operators, the yank bastards themselves .......
>> No self-respecting scientist should keep his mouth shut.
>> Its a fundamental challenge to the method of science,
>> a detective work most demanding of INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.

Gib Bogle wrote:

> When did the University of Iowa (Iowhere?) become CalTech.

Yikes! This is less than 2 miles from where I live.
Plus, there's Alexander Abian who, before he died,
was down the road a bit at Iowa State University.
And then there were the physics department shootings
here a few years ago (5 killed, 3 of whom were
professors in the physics department).

Maybe I shouldn't be drinking the water.

Dave L. Renfro

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