Initial Release: latexmath2png

Kamil Kisiel kamil.kisiel at
Mon Apr 23 06:10:41 CEST 2007

This past week I cleaned up and released some of my code for
converting LaTeX math equations in to PNG images. The current concept
is to have a useful unix-style command line utility as well as a
module that can be embedded in to other applications such as wikis,
CMSs, etc. I've released it under an MIT license. The concept is based
on an article by Kjell Fauske: and
some old code I wrote as a result several years ago.

Currently there is only support for rendering individual equations as
in the $...$ math environment in LaTeX, but I will be adding support
for the equation and equation array environments in the future.

Project page on Google Code:

Some more details in my blog post:

Please give it a try as I'd like to hear how it works for others. I
welcome any comments, patches, and requests.

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