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Florian Lindner Florian.Lindner at
Mon Apr 2 21:20:21 CEST 2007

irstas at wrote:

> On Apr 2, 7:22 pm, Florian Lindner <Florian.Lind... at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm looking for python RSS feed parser library.
>> Feedparser not seem to maintained anymore.
>> What alternatives are recommendable?
>> Thanks,
>> Florian
> Well, even if it's not maintained anymore (where does it say that?),
> it works fine and the API is great. Although of course I do realize
> that when a new version of RSS appears, feedparser won't be able to
> support it unless someone updates it. But RSS 2.0 appeared already in
> 2002 and no new versions have come since. So I wouldn't worry too much
> about new RSSs popping up every month. Maybe the feedparser code
> hasn't been updated in a while because it's already perfect and
> there's nothing to add to it?-)

No postings neither on the mailinglists nor in the forums are being
Somewhere he stated that he had turned to another hobby.

Some of the question I have but found answered nowhere:

I have a feedparser object that was created from a string. How can I trigger
a update (from a new string) but the feedparser should treat the new string
like the same feed (thus setting feed.updated etc.). 
- How can I trigger a update from a new file? 
- Does feedparser has the desired behavior? 



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