Store variable name in another variable

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Thu Apr 26 16:53:05 CEST 2007

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Laurent Pointal  <laurent.pointal at> wrote:
>loial a écrit :
>> I need to store a list of variable names in a dictionary or list. I
>> then later need to retrieve the names of the variables and get the
>> values from the named variables. The named variables will already have
>> been created and given a value.
>"Named variables will already have been created"... in what namespace ?
>Store a list of names -> dict/list (see tutorial)
>or  getattr(namespace,"name")
>or  locals()["name"]
>or  globals()["name"]

admin, I want to be sure you understand the advice you've been given.
Yes, it is possible to "double dereference" through named variables;
HOWEVER, it is essentially *never* advantageous to do so in application
programming with Python (nor is it in Perl and PHP, despite what many
senior people there teach).  Use a dictionary, perhaps one with
multi-dimensional keys.

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