Generate report containing pdf or ps figures?

Grant Edwards grante at
Mon Apr 23 20:57:29 CEST 2007

On 2007-04-23, Kjell Magne Fauske <kjellmf at> wrote:

>> Is there a PDF generation library that can place EPS or PDF
>> figures on a page?
> If you are familiar with LaTeX, an easy solution would be to
> automatically generate a LaTeX document that includes your
> images.

Yea, I've been using TeX and LaTeX for 20+ years.  :) I worked
on a DoD project back in the 80's where we generated a 1000+
page requirements spec using LaTeX.  It had to be broken up
into a few dozen separate documents because LaTeX under VAX/VMS
kept overflowing various internal counters.  Doing a build of
the document kept a VAX 780 busy most of the night. 

However, bundling a working copy of LaTeX with my Python app
doesn't fall into the "easy" category.  This app needs to be
moderately cross-platform and "distributable".  Using either
LaTeX or Ghostscript (my current solution) makes it rather
painful to bundle up the app and distrubute it.

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