My python annoyances so far

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Thu Apr 26 22:50:20 CEST 2007

flifus at wrote:

> Hi. You wrote c++, didn't you?

Yes :) But I mostly don't anymore and ported my main project from
C++ to Python.

> Well, why do some things in the library have to be functions, and
> other things have to be class methods?

Easy. Some things abstractly operate on all kind of stuff
(called "overloaded" in other languages), while others are,
regarding their function, tied to a specific class.

> Why aren't they all just either functions or class methods? 

Easy. Not all code in Python operates on a class. But that's what
Python's class methods are for. Only.

> like perhaps ruby.

If I were rude, I would ask now why you don't use ruby. But I bet
ruby has some annoyances ready for you too.



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The CPU has shifted, and become decentralized.

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