Standardizing XML

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Sun Apr 15 20:02:20 CEST 2007

On Apr 15, 7:08 am, Jan Danielsson <jan.m.daniels... at> wrote:
> ZeeGeek wrote:
> > Is there a module for python to standardize XML?  Since MSN Live Space
> > doesn't use standard XML in the posts, I want to standardize them so
> > that I can use them elsewhere.
>    Hmm... XML _is_ standardized. If it doesn't follow the specs, then
> it's not XML. If you want to make XML out of something which isn't XML,
> you'll probably have to be a little more specific about how this other
> format works.

Thanks for correcting me.  I worded it inproperly.  For example, in
the code returned by Live Space, they use <br> instead of <br /> so
that Blogger will complain that this tag is not valid because it
doesn't have a closing tag.  Another example is that the contents of a
lot of the tag attributes like "color" and "size" are not surrounded
by quotes.

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