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Thu Apr 5 17:52:43 CEST 2007

On Apr 5, 9:41 am, "franka... at" <franka... at> wrote:
> Hi.
> I am writing a opensource code snippet manager in python (pyqt4).
> The idea is that users can upload their snippets to remote subversion
> server, (if they choose) and add comments to existing snippets, vote
> for snippet deletion, add flags to snippets: (tested, working, not
> working... etc)
> The snippets are stored locally in a sqlite3 database.
> So far i have a working application that use a small Soap client/
> server to upload snippets to a remote server. The client sends a dict
> to the server, the server writes the dict as a text file and adds it
> to the svn server. On the client a local svn repo is downloaded and
> parsed into the database.
> The client Ui has syntaxhighlighting(only cplusplus and python at the
> moment), an "add snippet form", treewidget for snippet listing.
> My personal conserns are:
>      individual snippet licensing
> I was wondering if anyone could comment on this idea. And perhaps come
> with some ideas.

You could have some kind of legalese for them to read and accept (i.e.
electronically sign), preferably something that is an open source
license agreement like Python's or BSD or maybe that new Creative
Commons thing.

Regardless, you need to let the coders know what their rights are one
way or the other.


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