Writing Log CSV (Efficiently)

Robert Rawlins - Think Blue robert.rawlins at thinkbluemedia.co.uk
Mon Apr 16 16:18:48 CEST 2007

Hello Guys,

Thanks for the advice on this one. I'm running Debian Linux as an OS, if
that makes any major differences. That inbuilt CSV stuff looked pretty tidy,
as does the logging. I'd be keen to learn a little more about that
performance wise though.

The log at its highest rate of write may be looking at an operation a
second, I've not got much experience with this kind of thing so I'm not sure
if that's 'a lot' or not, it just seems like it at the moment. It might not
get as busy as that, I'm not sure and its difficult to simulate as this
isn't likely to be a steady flow of traffic, they'll come in big fat lumps
every now and then.



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    Dave> Python has built in logging support. It's pretty flexible as far
    Dave> as formatting output. I can get a bit complicated to set up, but
    Dave> it will handle traffic well.

Really?  I've found it to be a dog in heavy logging situations.


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