[OT] Re: is laziness a programer's virtue?

D Herring dherring at at.tentpost.dot.com
Mon Apr 16 23:58:52 CEST 2007

Xah Lee wrote:
> In a couple of posts in the past year i have crossed-posted (e.g.
> recently “What are OOP's Jargons and Complexities”, “is laziness a
> programer's virtue?”, “On Java's Interface (the meaning of interface
> in computer programing)” ), there are a some controversy, and lots of
> off-topic and careless follow ups.

Please don't dismiss so many posts as being "off-topic and careless".

> I think a few things today's tech geekers should remind themselves:
> • If you deem something off-topic to “your” newsgroup, and want to
> tech-geek by changing the “follow-up group”, start with yourself.
> Please do not cross-post yourself, and tweak the follow-up, and
> proudly proclaim that you changed the follow-up as a benign gesture.

A few more points:
- I know many geeks but not so many geekers...

- Please topquote snippets from the threads about which you are commenting.

- Please set your newsreader to prepend "Re: " or somesuch when replying 
to a toplevel post.

- Please don't preach about "meta-talk and policing" in a post which is 
mostly meta-talk and preaching.


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