My python annoyances so far

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flifus at wrote:

> Hi all. I'm learning python these days. I'm going to use this
> thread to post, from time to time, my annoyances with python. I
> hope someone will clarify things to me where I have misunderstood
> them.
> Annoyances:
> 1. Underscores! What's the deal with that? Especially those double
> underscores. The best answer I read on this is that the double
> underscores denotes special methods that the interpreter may
> automatically use. 

That's right. But what's the annoyance here? 

It's a clear seperation. A bigger annoyance would be if the method
name were, e. g., "add". Now you define your own class, don't think
about this and define a method "add" yourself, and you wonder why
your class behaves strangely. 

> 2. There are modules, there are functions, and there are classes-
> methods! 

You forgot static methods and types. And all of them are objects.

> Wouldn't it have been easier had everything either been a 
> function or a class method?

IMHO no (this isn't Java). Why should I have to define a class if I
just code a little script with a few functions? That would be
forcing the programmer into using a programming paradigm.

Will you ask why there is no StringBuffer in Python? :)



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