Resume of Steve Snow : Database SQL Applications Programmer

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 Please forward this work experience & skills summary 
 to your Database & software development, MIS/IT/Software Department for review.


 Here is my full resume in Microsoft Word format.
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 Resume of Steve Snow
 Database SQL Applications Programmer
 Phone: 970-300-4770 
 stevesnow10 at

Work Experience:

* 20+ Years Database & Software Application developer
* References available on request.
* Create/Fix/Change/Convert Databases.
* Display your data on your website, any number of pages in html/PHP/ASP.
* Graphs, Maps, Charts, Diagrams, Pictures, Photos, and Graphics in Database and Reports.
* Mail Merge of Databases/Information/Spreadsheets/Programs.
* Create reports from Data such as PDF, Spreadsheet or HTML.
* Sales leads for clients using Internet Resources.
* Solving almost any job any data from any program source.
* Fill out Website Forms automatically, or gather intelligence from them.
* Exchange data from any number of programs, including websites.
* Create inter office communication between cities/locations using Internet.
* Inventory, Sales Lead, Accounting, Statistical Database Creation.
* Meetings with employees to understand their needs/solution they wanted.
* Training of personnel in all above systems.
* Write software to perform the above jobs.
* Problem solve any data question/problem you may have.
* Transfer data between any number of unrelated programs, including websites.
* Merge Data from unrelated programs and databases.
* Test your entire website for errors by automatically filling in all your webforms on all your webpages.
* Screenscrape, Webscraping, and Datamining from the internet straight to your custom databases.
* Chief Developer and programmer for above with 30 years experience.

 Here is my full resume:	


* All SQL programming, Oracle (incl. PL/SQL),MS Access,SQL Server,Sybase
* All database access methods, ADO (ActiveX Data Objects),DAO (Data Access Objects),Microsoft Jet, ODBC
* Operating systems, Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP,Windows 95 / 98,ndows 3.1 / 3.11

* By the job or task/requirement (bid).
* Contract or Independent Consultant
* Full or part time Employee.
* Can fly in and be available for "Live" meetings on short notice.
* Remote desktop (anywhere in the world, using XP Pro and above).

* SECRET Clearance (US Government)
* Fully bondable
* Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements.

* US Military, includes "SECRET" Clearance, University, Trade Schools & Certifications.

* Us Citizen.

* Class "A" License

Special Mention
* Can sign a waiver to not use your Company's Medical Insurance Policy
 (Already covered by US Veteran's Administration Medical Insurance)

 Here is my full resume:	

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