Crypto Suggestion/Help

Jimmy E Touma jimmyetouma at
Mon Apr 9 06:24:52 EDT 2007

Thanks for the reply. Yes the shop has only one machine and many users
use it to perform transactions. Maybe a basic Linux/Unix permissions
will do as Thomas Kruger suggested in the thread following you.


Paul Rubin wrote:
> Jimmy E Touma <jimmyetouma at> writes:
>> I need some advise on doing the following. I have a Linux application
>> that allows users to access it via a code (password). At the end of the
>> day, I gather a log of activities of the users and zip the file and
>> would like to encrypt it so that the users can not access it or tamper
>> with it. Only manager should. If I use a private/public key for doing so
>> I have to store the private key on my computer. What is a good way to
>> encrypt a file and have the key well hidden on the same computer? If you
>> have any other way to do, like MD5 or similar, please let me know.
> Are you saying you have a desktop app that's running on the user's own
> machine and you're trying to prevent the user from getting at the log
> data?  That is impossible if the user has control over the machine and
> is willing and able to hack the software.  If you just want to make an
> encrypted file that the user can't decrypt, use a public key on the
> user's machine, and only have the secret key on the manager's machine.

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