My python annoyances so far

7stud bbxx789_05ss at
Thu Apr 26 16:50:46 CEST 2007

flifus at wrote:
> Annoyances:

Every language has annoyances.  Python is no exception.  Post away.
Anyone that is offended can go drink a Guinness.

> 1. Underscores! What's the deal with that? Especially those double
> underscores. The best answer I read on this is that the double
> underscores denotes special methods that the interpreter may
> automatically use. For example, 4+4 get expanded by the interpreter to
> 4.__add__(4).

I thought those were pretty ugly myself.  Now, I am used to them.

> 2. There are modules, there are functions, and there are classes-
> methods! Wouldn't it have been easier had everything either been a
> function or a class method?

I know what you mean.  I always write:


and then I backspace and retype:


But then again, I can never remember whether length is a member or a
method in other languages.

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