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Scott wrote:
> Now when suggesting books, keep in mind that, that while I'm new to Python 
> (and programming in general)  I'm able to grasp difficult concepts as long 
> as I have enough detail as to why it is the way it is.  For instance I'm, by 
> experience and nature, a computer technician and communications specialist. 
> I've studied,  everything from childrens walkie talkie to deep space 
> satalittes back to how computers talk (which is why I'm here now trying to 
> learn the language of computers).  And all that just because I have a 
> unquenchable desire to know.  SO, with that all said, the more details the 
> better. If you have a book with 4 chapters on functions......I want to read 
> it.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  As I've said, this is something that 
> I feel I have to know.
"Dive into Python" is probably the best free read about Python for 
programmers. It takes you in deep much more quickly that the tutorial, 
but if you can understand it you develop quite a sophisticated 
understanding of the language in a fairly short time.

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