Mastering Python (OT)

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Sun Apr 1 17:07:45 CEST 2007

"Steve Holden" <ste..e at>  wrote:

> Hendrik van Rooyen wrote:

> > It comes out something like "Chum-lee", with the ch like chicken...
> > 
> > (that's what I have heard -  but who knows - It may have been 
> > a regional dialect, a case of the blind leading the blind, or 
> > someone pulling the piss..)
> > 
> You have been correctly informed. It's one of the least intuitive names 
> in the English language.

Oh No! - don't tell me there is worse - this is already enough to drive 
a saint to drink!

I will have to move to "Hants"...

: - ) 

- Hendrik

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