EuroPython vs PyconUK

EuGeNe Van den Bulke eugene.vandenbulke at
Fri Apr 27 01:00:59 CEST 2007

Steve Holden wrote:
  > So by this reasoning there should have been no "Python UK" conference
> for the last four years (in case you didn't know it ran as a track of 
> the C/C++ conference, but ths track has now broadened to include all 
> scripting languages). And what about the people who can't get the time 
> and/or money to attend EuroPython?

I am afraid there is a misunderstanding. I have no problem with PyCon UK 
but would like to have elements to help me choose (the official language 
of PyCon Uno Italy is Italian so that fixes it :P).

> Diversity is good, so it isn't one vs. the other. And the UK really *is* 
> part of Europe (no matter how its politicians behave) :P

I agree that diversity is good (you won't hear me say that there are too 
many web frameworks in Python :D) but isn't dilution a danger?

If Guido was a rock star and I was a groupie, I would want to know which 
festival to attend to see him on stage. I guess there is always Google 
Video ;)

More seriously in Geneva there were people from all over the place, 
speakers and attendees, which is one of the reason why such conferences 
are interesting (or am I deluded?). It is harder for someone from 
Australia to come twice to Europe in the space of 2 months than for a 
pythoneer lambda to spend a couple of days studying another web 
framework to see if it fits how his brain works and the problem he's got 
to solve.

Looking at the reactions to my post, I must be wrong. I didn't mean to 
offend anyone if I did. I'll go to Vilnius because I have never seen the 
city and try to go to Birmingham if the program looks interesting (not 
very rational or is it?).


EuGeNe --

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