conditional print statement ?

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Wed Apr 25 23:27:03 CEST 2007

"Stef Mientki" <S.Mientki-nospam at> wrote in message 
news:2c923$462fb3e0$d443bb3a$18429 at
|     if Print_Info: print Datafile.readline()
|     else:                Datafile.readline()

Since both branches discard the data read, I presume Martin's fix is what 
you really want.

| Is there a more compressed way to write such a statement,
| especially I dislike the redundancy "Datafile.readline()".

But for future reference, if you really do need to call a method in 
multiple places (or even just multiple times in a loop) you can condense 
like so:

dread = Datafile.readline # followed by
dread() # as needed

Terry Jan Reedy

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