"HTTP error -1" from urllib2

John Nagle nagle at animats.com
Fri Apr 13 20:16:58 CEST 2007

    I'm getting a wierd error from urllib2 when opening certain
URLs.  The code works for most sites, but not all of them.
Here's the traceback:

[Thread-2] InfoSitePage EXCEPTION while processing page 
"http://www.fourmilab.ch": Problem with page "http://www.fourmilab.ch": HTTP
  error -1 - ..
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "D:\projects\sitetruth\InfoSitePage.py", line 318, in httpfetch
     fd = url_opener.open(self.requestedurl)             # open file by url
   File "D:\projects\sitetruth\miscutils.py", line 149, in open
     result = urllib.FancyURLopener.open(self, url, *args)
   File "D:\python24\lib\urllib.py", line 190, in open
     return getattr(self, name)(url)
   File "D:\python24\lib\urllib.py", line 322, in open_http
     return self.http_error(url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers)
   File "D:\python24\lib\urllib.py", line 339, in http_error
     return self.http_error_default(url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers)
   File "D:\projects\sitetruth\miscutils.py", line 144, in http_error_default
     raise InfoException.InfoException(self.url, 'HTTP error %s - %s.' % 
(errcode, errmsg))
InfoException: Problem with page "http://www.fourmilab.ch": HTTP error -1 - ..

This fails identically using Python 2.4 on a Windows desktop and on Python 2.5
on a Linux server.

The site being accessed reads fine in a browser.  It's not a redirect, and it 
doesn't insist on cookies.

See "http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2005-March/314301.html"
for another problem involving "HTTP error -1".

					John Nagle

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