*** Dr G Polya BRILLIANTLY analyses the Virgina Shooting Incident ***

Quadibloc jsavard at ecn.ab.ca
Sat Apr 28 16:46:10 CEST 2007

bill.slo... at ieee.org wrote:
> On Apr 24, 2:09 pm, Quadibloc <jsav... at ecn.ab.ca> wrote:

> > I never thought that I would feel the urge to call someone an
> > edelweiss-eating Tanzanian devil, but Dr. Polya proved that I lacked
> > imagination.
> The effect is - in fact - more severely damaged by your confusion
> between Tasmania - where Dr. Polya actually lives - and Tanzania which
> is a country in Africa with a name similar enough to confuse semi-
> literate Americans.
Had you read his essay, as I did, you would have known that even if I
had had the two countries confused previously, Dr. Polya would have
disabused me of any such confusion before I finished his essay.

Rather, the point of my remark, as ought to be clear, was that such an
epithet - by displaying conspicuous disregard for the distinction
between Tasmania and Tanzania, and the distinction between Australia
and Austria, *both at the same time* - is intended to be insulting,
and the author's vituperative attack on the United States makes him
deserving of insult.

Australia - Tasmania included - would today be under the iron heel of
Imperial Japan had it not been for the armed might of the United
States of America!

John Savard

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