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Fri Apr 6 07:31:08 CEST 2007

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> >I already took a look at it but the agent functionality is somewhat
> >primitive. I need something production-ready.
> >Alain
> 'Doesn't exist.
> I understand the sentiment; in principle, it shouldn't be hard
> to write a library which supports construction of SNMP agents
> in Python.  I'm aware of no one who has done so publicly, though.
> Myself, I like using the Tcl-based Scotty.  For severely-constrained
> performance, though, you'll likely have to go to C, in some form.

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the information.
I still find it strange that, in all these years of existence, no one
felt the need for a SNMP agent in Python.

Do Pythoneers only write test tools and not real apps?


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