compiling modules with VS 2008 for python 2.4 prepared with Visual Studio 2003

alf ask at me
Sat Apr 14 20:04:07 CEST 2007

Martin v. Löwis wrote:

> You either would have to create a import library for mscvr71.dll
> by hand, or you have to copy one from VS 2003 (breaking its license).

I wonder if copying the probstat.pyd from internet where I it finnaly 
found is not breaking the license:-). it was my final solution. 
otherwise I would probaly it somehow link. I hardly give up.

> P.S. Why does the subject say "VS 2008", anyway? That product has
> not been released yet, and Microsoft is still hoping that it will
> be called VS 2007.

just a mistake. i am not Microsoft fan. Just happened that python app I 
develop is executed on win32.

thx for all insight

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