Nested dictionaries trouble

IamIan iansan at
Fri Apr 20 01:35:42 CEST 2007

Thank you again for the great suggestions. I have one final question
about creating a httpMonths dictionary like {'Jan':'01' , 'Feb':'02' ,
etc} with a minimal amount of typing. My code follows (using Python

import calendar

# Create years list, formatting as strings
years = map(str, xrange(1990,2051))

# Create months list with three letter abbreviations
months = list(calendar.month_abbr)

# Create monthTotals dictionary with default value of zero
monthTotals = dict.fromkeys(months[1:],0)

# Create yearTotals dictionary with years for keys
# and copies of the monthTotals dictionary for values
yearTotals = dict([(year, monthTotals.copy()) for year in years])

# Create httpMonths dictionary to map month abbreviations
# to Apache numeric month representations
httpMonths =

It is this last step I'm referring to. I got close with:
httpMonths = {}
for month in months[1:]:
  httpMonths[month] = str(len(httpMonths)+1)

but the month numbers are missing the leading zero for 01-09. Thanks!


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