Store variable name in another variable

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Thu Apr 26 23:02:04 CEST 2007

Cameron Laird wrote:

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> Laurent Pointal  <laurent.pointal at> wrote:
>>loial a écrit :
>>> I need to store a list of variable names in a dictionary or list. I
>>> then later need to retrieve the names of the variables and get the
>>> values from the named variables. The named variables will already have
>>> been created and given a value.
>>"Named variables will already have been created"... in what namespace ?
>>Store a list of names -> dict/list (see tutorial)
>>or  getattr(namespace,"name")
>>or  locals()["name"]
>>or  globals()["name"]
> admin, I want to be sure you understand the advice you've been given.
> Yes, it is possible to "double dereference" through named variables;
> HOWEVER, it is essentially *never* advantageous to do so in application
> programming with Python (nor is it in Perl and PHP, despite what many
> senior people there teach).  Use a dictionary, perhaps one with
> multi-dimensional keys.

Yes, I understand. I just reply to OP question not searching the reason why
he wants to manage *variables* this way (he talk about dict, so I hope he
know that they can be used to map names to values). 
So, this is not an advice, just technical ways related to the question as it
was written.

And yes, personnally i use dictionnaries for such purpose.



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