Video: Professor of Physics Phd at Cal Tech says: 911 Inside Job

Eric Gisse jowr.pi at
Sat Apr 28 19:15:30 CEST 2007

On Apr 24, 6:13 pm, stj... at wrote:
> Cal Tech is the ELITE of ELITE in physics.

"INN World Report interviewed Dr. Crockett Grabbe - professor of
physics at the University of Iowa - regarding his thoughts on the
'collapses' of WTC1, WTC2, & WTC7. In this interview he lists numerous
reasons to suspect controlled demolition and expresses support for
alternative theories."

A common mistake - I frequently confuse CalTech and U of Iowa.

That's interesting, no publications on any engineering topic. A
professor of physics, not engineering, who claims that explosives were
planted in not only WTC7, but WTC 1 and 2 which were trigged by the
planes impacting the building.

Why is anyone listening to this loon?

> If Feynman were alive, he would point his finger straight at the 911
> criminal operators, the yank bastards themselves .......

I don't recall Feynman ever advocating nutcase positions.

> No self-respecting scientist should keep his mouth shut. Its a
> fundamental challenge to the method of science, a detective work most

I love how folks like you ask for intellectual honesty when every
effort is made to ignore evidence that doesn't agree with your
presupposed findings.

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