run function in separate process

malkarouri at malkarouri at
Wed Apr 11 17:36:40 CEST 2007

On Apr 11, 3:58 pm, a... at (Alex Martelli) wrote:
> That's my favorite way to ensure that all resources get reclaimed: let
> the operating system do the job.

Thanks a lot, Alex, for confirming the basic idea. I will be playing
with your function later today, and will give more feedback.
I think I avoided the pipe on the mistaken belief that pipes cannot be
binary. I know, I should've tested. And I avoided pickle at the time
because I had a structure that was unpicklable (grown by me using a
mixture of python, C, ctypes and pyrex at the time). The structure is
improved now, and I will go for the more standard approach..



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