is laziness a programer's virtue?

Mirco Wahab wahab-mail at
Tue Apr 17 12:52:34 CEST 2007

Markus E Leypold wrote:
> Trying to correct Xah's behaviour is probably impossible. People who
> publish pictures of themselves as he does on the WWW probably don't
> have any sense of embarrasment left ...

you think of stuff like this
     www DOT m-e-leypold DOT de SLASH leypold-small.jpg

>                                  -- and I consider that a necessary
> part in the feedback loop which makes people change: "Look what you
> did! Do you really want to look like a dolt in public?" "Umpf. No. God
> that was embarrasing" <goes away with the resolution not to get into
> such a situation again>.

The reason why I answered your posting at all (besides
seeing your x-post going into 5 ng's) is your mentioning
of 'God'. According to christian tradition (which is
somehow on topic in a Perl group) it is exactly the
case of Jesus (imho), who was (in his context) the
"/Do you really want to look like a dolt in public/"
man par excellance. Socrates also comes into the mind ;-)

AFAIK - both were symptoms of the decline
of their societies at the time ...

Regards & sorry for scnr'ing


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