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Colin J. Williams cjw at
Fri Apr 20 20:39:11 CEST 2007

orangeDinosaur wrote:
> OK, I'll go with the enthought installation.  This seems to be the
> path of least resistance.  For those of you who have been in my
> position, is there a reason NOT to go with the enthought installation
> and do things piecemeal instead?
> thanks,
> trevis
> On Apr 20, 11:36 am, Pete Forman <pete.for... at> wrote:
>> orangeDinosaur < at> writes:
>>  > [...] But now, the figure window is completely unresponsive -- I
>>  > can't even close it without getting the "your program is not
>>  > repsonding" business.  What am I missing?  This behavior so far
>>  > seems pretty unintuitive.
>> The best way out of this is to use IPython.  It also needs a backend
>> which remains responsive, WxAgg works but Tk did not last time I
>> tried.  IPython 0.8.1 is a release candidate which fixes some Windows
>> issues in 0.8.0.  If you want a stable package that has all the parts
>> present out of the box then look at Enthought.
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It's rather heavy and may include stuff you don't need.

I'm not sure that scipy has been updated to Python 2.5

Colin W.

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