Martel Package from Biopython

elventear elventear at
Wed Apr 18 19:28:19 CEST 2007


I know this is not the best place to ask this but I haven't had luck
in the Biopython forums with my questions, so I'll just try here.

I want to use the Martel package to do some parsing. I've found it to
be very powerful and convenient. Yet the documentation avaialble is
less than complete. I have a few questions on how to use it, if you
know the answers to my questions:

- How does Bio.Std.record  affect the parsing of a Martel expression.
- How does Bio.RecordReader work? How does it interact with
- Many of the matching objects (ie. Martel.Digits) have an attrs
argument. How does it work?


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