How to better pickle an extension type

dgdev dgdev3141 at
Mon Apr 16 17:18:42 CEST 2007

I would like to pickle an extension type (written in pyrex).  I have
it working thus far by defining three methods:

class C:
	# for pickling
		... # make 'state_obj'
		return state_obj

		return C,(args,to,__init__),me.__getstate__()

	# for unpickling

This gets the class pickling and unpickling.

However, I'd like to not specify arguments for __init__ (as I do now
in __reduce__), and so not have __init__ invoked during unpickling.

I would like to have the pickling machinery somehow create an
uninitialized object, and then call its __setstate__, where I can re-
create it from 'state_obj'.

Is there a kosher way to do so, that is without me having to have a
special mode in the constructor for when the object is being created
by the unpickler?

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