Namespaces/introspection: collecting sql strings for validation

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Tue Apr 24 01:38:18 CEST 2007

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>Martin Drautzburg <Martin.Drautzburg at> wrote:
>> The problem is the first part: how can I lookup the callers module and
>> the classobjs defined in there? Or finding any constant strings in the
>> caller's module would also be just fine. Or is there a completely
>> different way to do such a thing?
>Don't do black magic in production code.
>For just hacking around, see sys._getframe -- it can give you a frame
>object from where you can introspect into your caller's globals -- and
>the inspect module of the standard Python library.
>But don't put such black magic in production.  The completely different
>way is: just don't.

Could you expand on that?  After all, that's exactly what we do to
implement a super() that works with classic classes -- and it's certainly
production code.
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