recursion depth problem

proctor 12cc104 at
Sun Apr 22 19:20:29 EDT 2007

On Apr 22, 5:05 pm, tac-tics <tactic... at> wrote:
> Yes, you should use a for loop in this situation.
> Certain functional languages, such as Scheme and various LISP dialects
> allow for what is called "tail recursion" which effectively eliminates
> this problem by internally converting recursion to iteration. Python
> isn't really cut out for heavy recursive work, and the "Pythonic" way
> of doing things is through the lovely for loop.

hi tac-tics,

by using a for loop, do you mean in the same sense that the
"xselections" function uses a for loop on the page:

or are you referring to a different technique for this?

thanks for your help.  i really appreciate it.


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